Priyanka Chopra Biography

Priyanka Chopra Biography

Priyanka Chopra is an Indian film actress/singer/producer. She is also work in American cinema since 2015. Priyanka Chopra is one of Bollywood's most expensive actresses, she has won many important awards in Hindi cinema in her career, including the National Film and Filmfare Awards in five categories. In the year 2016, the Indian government invited Priyanka Chopra to Padam Shri, as well as Time Magazine's magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world. She is ranked as 100 most powerful women's in the world by Forbs in 2017.

Let's know about her:-


Priyanka Chopra was born on July 18, 1982, in Jamshedpur, Bihar (currently Jharkhand) in the house of Ashok Chopra and Madhu Chopra. Her parents have worked on them in the Army as a doctor. She has a   younger brother named as Siddharth Chopra. Priyanka's cousin sisters Parineeti Chopra, parineeti Chopra also active in Bollywood.e to the parents' job, Priyanka generally lived in every part of India, which included Delhi, Chandigarh, Ladakh, Lucknow, Bareilly and Pune.

Priyanka completed her studies with the Lamts School of Lucknow and Sant Maria Goretti College, Bareilly. She told that she has faced lots of problems due to change the school frequently.  She has also spent some good time in Ladhak.

Young age:-

 Priyanka's mother sent some pictures of Priyanka to Femina Miss India World, and she became part of Miss World in this way, and she managed to make her the World 2000 title. She was woned Miss World 2000 and Miss World Continental Queen of Beauty-Asia and Oceania at the Millennium Dome on 30 November 2000 in London. She was fifth Indian to win the Miss World, and she remained fourth for doing so for the fourth year. Before winning the competition, he got admitted to the college, but after winning the competition, after the offer came from the film world, he planned to make a career in cinema.


After winning Miss India, she was acting for the first time for Abbas Mastan's romantic thriller Humraj, but for some reason, she could not become part of the film. After that, she was kept the step in the action with the Tamil film ThimiJhan, Priyanka's was very good seen in the film. Priyanka's character was quite limited in the film.

Priyanka had debuted on Hindi cinema in 2003 with the movie The Hero: Love Story of A Spy, she has played the role of second lead actress in the film. This film was too good to be a blockbuster hit at the box-office and the role of Priyanka in the film was also very good by the mixed critics. In the year 2003, She was worked an another filmKanwar's film version showed Akshay Kumar's Aparijit, once again in the role of second lead actress in the film. Her performance in the film is very good because of this film she has first time selected for the film fare award.

After this, Priyanka got an offer to play a negative role in Abbas-Mustan's film Attraj. She has played the role in this film, she has forced Akshaya Kumar hero to sexual harassment in this film.in this film she has acting rapaciously. The film was a hit and Priyanka was highly praised for her character, in the film Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra was in the lead role. In this movie, Priyanka was also given the Award for Negative Role at the Filmfare Awards, Chopra was nominated for the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award and the She has won Guild Film Award for Best supporting Actress.
In Nia, step by step Priyanka kept with the Tamil film ThimiJhan, Priyanka's inevitable victory was seen in the film. Priyanka's character was quite limited in the film.


Priyanka got her first Best Actress National Award for the film Fashion in 2008.
She has won five Filmfare awards. Priyanka got the first Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut for Film Style; She won her second award for Best Performance in a Negative Role in Film Attraj, Best Actress in the Best Actress, Critique Best Actress, Sat Khoon maphe, Best Supporting Actress, Bajirao Mastani for.

Apart from this, Priyanka has won two People's Choice Awards for Quantico, she is the first South Asian actress to win the People's Choice Award. 
She was awarded the fourth highest civilian award by the Indian government for his contributions to the art of Padmashree in 2016.

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