Sonia Gandhi Biography

Sonia Gandhi Biography

Sonia Gandhi's biography introduction:-

Sonia Gandhi is an Indian political  leader of Indian National congress (INC) who comes in the list of the world's most powerful people. Soniya was born in Italy. Sonia is the wife  of prime minister Let Rajiv Gandhi who belongs to the Nehru Gandhi family. After the death of Rajiv Gandhi by terrorist , Congress leaders called Sonia to hand over the government, but she refused and said that she would be away from politics. But after seeing the situation, he joined politics in 1997. Sonia became the President of the Congress Party in 1998.

Let's know about sonia Gandhi:-

 She was born on 9 December, 1946 in Loclusiana, Veneto, Italy (Lusiana, Veneto, Italy) .
Sonia was born in Venera, Italy, 20 km from Vicenza. A small village located far away was in Luciana. His father Stefano Miano was a former fastest soldier, who died in 1983, his mother Paolo has two sisters, his childhood is 8 km from Turin, Italy. In 1972, he went to the University of Cambridge to study English language at the Language School of the Bell Fund, where he met Rajaji Gandhi, who taught at Trinity College at that time. Both of them got married in 1968, after which they started living in India. He accepted Indian citizenship in 1983. They have one son Rahul Gandhi and one daughter Priyanka Vadra.

Sonia Gandhi, born in Edwino Antonio Albina Mino, was named the world's third powerful woman by Forbes Magazine in 2004. It is a reflection of how far he has come in life. It is also a reflection of how, if you connect yourself with the famed family, then you can rule the world in reality. As luck would have wanted, he found Rajiv Gandhi - no more glorious and legendary ones than such a Gandhi family.

But this is the only theory that we will be able to avoid this and we will focus on Sonia Gandhi's achievements.

In 1965, Sonia Mino was a 18-year-old student at a small language college in Cambridge. He had to face difficulties in fulfilling his daily needs and he liked his friends, he joined the university's restaurant as a maid. While on his work, he met an engineering student of India, a beautiful young man, and immediately realized that Rajiv Gandhi is the key that can solve all his problems. He lived a rich life and could fulfill all his dreams.

In one of his bold interviews, he said: "I had a vague idea that India would be somewhere in the world with its snakes, elephants and forests, but in reality there is no reality and I was not sure exactly what it is in reality. Sonia Gandhi enjoyed all the blessings under this sun; On one of their warnings, the servants and caregivers were queued for their service.

He married Rajiv Gandhi in 1968 and came back as Indira Gandhi's daughter-in-law. After that time, there was no interruption for them.

Although his past still harasses him. She allegedly misrepresents that she was a Cambridge University student; Cambridge has ensured that there is no record of being in his university. It is speculated that Sonia Gandhi did not study higher than high school.

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi became eligible to become a citizen of India on February 25, 1973. But he chose to be an Italian citizen.

It should also be remembered that Sonia Gandhi established the standard for women of entire India. The maid of a tavern can do all that she wants in life. Even if someone starts from the bottom of the life, even then he can reach the heights. Sonia Gandhi accepted Hindi, she changed her personality and transformed into a different kind of Indian form. Long ago, the Guardian newspaper had named him "Best Dress in the Fifties".

political life:-

After the husband's murder, senior Congress leaders had announced to become Congress President without asking Sonia, but Sonia accepted it and expressed her disappointment and disbelief towards politics and politicians in these words, "I I will see my children begging, but I will not step in politics. "Do not step in politics for a long time, they have their own bay Receive and focus for the daughter's upbringing. The general election of 196 was also defeated, so that the Congress leaders again felt the need for a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family. Sonia Gandhi, under her pressure in 1997, took the primary membership of the Congress in the Plenary session of Kolkata and her 62nd

Under Nine, he was elected president of Congress in 1998. He also failed to form a government, but after stepping into politics, he raised his issue of being born abroad. His weak Hindi was also made the issue, he also accused him of familyism, but Congressmen did not leave with him and rejected these issues.

Sonia Gandhi contested in October 1999 from Bellary, Karnataka, as well as her late husband's constituency, Amethi from Uttar Pradesh, and won a huge margin of nearly three lakh votes in 1999. In the 13th Lok Sabha, she was the leader of the Opposition Selected

Prior to the 2004 elections, it was made in the general opinion that Atal Bihari will be the Prime Minister of Vajpayee, but Sonia has more than 200,000 seats in the results of the publicity and surprising of everything, Sonia Gandhi herself from Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh Left-minded Left parties made decisions to support the government of Congress and allies to keep the Bharatiya Janata Party out of power, which The clear majority of the Congress and its allies were completed. On May 16, 2004, Sonia Gandhi was elected the leader of the 16-party alliance, which, in the support of the parties, the prime minister of the government, Jays, becomes Sonia Gandhi, everybody hopes that Sonia Gandhi will become the Prime Minister and everyone supports her But NDA leaders have raised objections to Sonia Gandhi's foreign origin. Sushma Swaraj and Uma Bharti announced that if Sonia Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister then she will sleep on the face of Mundava and her land. On 18th May, she told Manmohan Singh to her candidate and demanded to help the party and help them. Sonia Gandhi has announced the prime minister from home and the Congressmen opposed it very much and demanded to change this decision but she He said that it was never his goal to become Prime Minister, all the leaders supported Manmohan Singh and he became the Prime Minister but Sonia was elected president of coalition and coalition.

Due to becoming the president of the National Advisory Committee, Sonia Gandhi was accused of being a member of the Lok Sabha along with being on the post of profit, as a result, on 23 March 2006, she resigned from the chairmanship of the National Advisory Committee and both Lok Sabha members. . In May 2006, he was elected again from Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh and defeated his opponent opponent with over four lakh votes. In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, he again sought a vote from the people of the country for the UPA, once again the UPA won and Sonia was elected the UPA chairperson.
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